Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CAbstractMotorClass for coordinating N motors in parallel
 CBehaviorAbstract base class for implementing behaviors
 CBlCon34Derived class for communicating with PWM-controlled boards
 CBulkSerialFixed length bulk serial data transfers using DMA
 CBulkSerialSettingsPresets for using BulkSerial
 CComplementaryFilterComplementary filter implementation
 CDLPFDigital autoregressive low pass filter
 CEEPROMClassEEPROM library (call with global object EEPROM)
 CEKFEKF implementation
 CEncoderQuadrature encoder library
 CFatLogClass for logging to an SD card using SDIO (Mainboard v2 only)
 CGaitRunnerClass for clocked gaits
 CIMUBase IMU class that any IMU hardware should derive from
 CMinitaurLegClass for coordinating two parallel coaxial motors in the Minitaur config
 CMotorBase single-motor class
 CMPU6000MPU6000 hardware interface library
 CNunchuckNunchuck class
 COrientationFilterBase class for attitude filters
 CPDGeneric proportional-derivative control (for use in a motor, look at the Motor controller library instead)
 CRTCClassClass for getting the real clock time
 CSagittalPairCoordinates a pair of motors (for instance for sagittal plane behaviors)
 CSPIClassSPI library (call with global object SPI)
 CStreamStream library inherited by Wire, Serial, etc
 CTwoWireWire / I2C / SMBus library (call with global object Wire)
 CUSARTClassSerial / USART library (use on global objects Serial<x> where <x> can be 1, 2, 3)
 CVN100VN100 hardware interface library