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EKF implementation. More...

#include <EKF.h>

Detailed Description

EKF implementation.

Public Member Functions

void update (const float *acc, const float *gyr)
 Update filter from measurements (usually from IMU.readSensors()) More...
const EulerState * getEuler ()
 Get filtered Euler angles. More...

Protected Attributes

mat3 P
vec3 w
 System covariance.

Inherits OrientationFilter.

Member Function Documentation

const EulerState * EKF::getEuler ( )

Get filtered Euler angles.

e->angles[] is a float[3] array of angles and, e->angRates[] of angular rates

Implements OrientationFilter.

void EKF::update ( const float *  acc,
const float *  gyr 

Update filter from measurements (usually from IMU.readSensors())

accMeasured acc
gyrMeasured gyr

Implements OrientationFilter.

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