Timer interrupts

Detailed Description


  1. Call attachTimerInterrupt()

Example: Parallel blink

const int ledg = PA8;
const int ledy = PD8;
const int ledr = PB15;
void blinky() {
digitalWrite(ledy, TOGGLE);
void blinkr() {
digitalWrite(ledr, TOGGLE);
void setup() {
pinMode(ledg, OUTPUT);
pinMode(ledy, OUTPUT);
pinMode(ledr, OUTPUT);
attachTimerInterrupt(0, blinky, 4);
attachTimerInterrupt(1, blinkr, 10000);
void loop() {
digitalWrite(ledg, TOGGLE);
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void attachTimerInterrupt (uint8_t i, ISRType ISR, int freqHz)
 Begin a timer interrupt. More...
void detachTimerInterrupt (uint8_t i)
 Disable a timer interrupt. More...
void noTimerInterrupts ()
 Disable all timer interrupts. More...
void timerInterrupts ()
 Re-enable timer interrupts. More...

Function Documentation

void attachTimerInterrupt ( uint8_t  i,
int  freqHz 

Begin a timer interrupt.

Starts calling the interrupt handler specified at the frequency specified.

iOne of 0, 1, or 2 (#3 is used for pwmIn, and #4 is used for the system clock)
ISRInterrupt handler (similar to usage for external interrupts)
freqHzFrequency in Hz, between ~0.061Hz and ~36MHz.
void detachTimerInterrupt ( uint8_t  i)

Disable a timer interrupt.

This forgets the attached interrupt handler, i.e. to restart, attachTimerInterrupt() has to be called again!

iOne of 0, 1, or 2
void noTimerInterrupts ( )

Disable all timer interrupts.

Call this to temporarily suspend all timer interrupts, and timerInterrupts() to resume them again

void timerInterrupts ( )

Re-enable timer interrupts.

To be called after noTimerInterrupts()