I’m currently a postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as CTO at Ghost Robotics.

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My lab homepage has more information about the work I do.

Outside of lab (…riiight), I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee with PADA, fostering tiny kittens and volunteering at PAWS. Please get in touch with me if you want to adopt a kitty friend!

I used to have pretty good (musical) keyboard chops (as much as you can without any formal music theory) and still have great relative pitch; I used to be decent at juggling (basic 3-ball patterns up to Mill’s mess, 4-ball cascade on a good day), am drawn to games that require rapid pattern-matching, and enjoy casual arting.

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I have traveled a fair amount in my life (perk of being a graduate student :wink:) and I decided to start documenting, because it reminds of the stories involved.


I’m pretty set on academia, but if you are someone who is looking to hire people and give them a big salary, maybe you want some of this info! (I realize that it’s hip to have a Latex resume—but this is honestly way easier to keep up-to-date.)



Listed at my lab page.



Graduate Student, UPenn Kodlab: Advised by Dr Dan Koditschek.

Research Assistant, JHU LIMBS lab: Undergraduate research with Dr. Noah Cowan.

  • Neuromechanical control of juggling—2009-10
  • SLAM on graphs—2007-08
  • Neuromechanical modeling of weakly electric fish—2007

Web developer, JHU Advanced Academic Programs: Custom module development for CMS using Coldfusion and MS-SQL—2006-10.

Academic Tutor, JHU: Physics I & II, Calculus I, II & III—2007-08.


Hopkins Baja: Member of a design team involved in designing and fabricating a single seat offroad vehicle from scratch. Team captain 2007-08 season, and lead designer for suspension and steering subsystems for 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Resident Advisor (RA), JHU Res Life—2008-10: Role modeling, community development and enforcement of regulations for sophomores and upperclassmen living in university housing.

Johns Hopkins Math Club—2006-09: Member of the school team taking the Putnam exam or Virginia Tech math contest, contributor to final problems for the Johns Hopkins Math Tournament (JHMT) for high school students.

JHU ASME Chapter Secretary/Treasurer: 2006-2010.


Mathematica, Solidworks, Python, C/C++, Arduino, EAGLE PCB, LaTeX, Java, MATLAB, OpenGL, welding, machining, …