I’m currently a postdoc at Harvard, as well as CTO at Ghost Robotics.

More information

My lab homepage has more information about the work I do.

Outside of lab (…riiight), I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee with PADA, fostering tiny kittens and volunteering at PAWS. Please get in touch with me if you want to adopt a kitty friend!

I used to have pretty good (musical) keyboard chops (as much as you can without any formal music theory) and still have great relative pitch; I used to be decent at juggling (basic 3-ball patterns up to Mill’s mess, 4-ball cascade on a good day), am drawn to games that require rapid pattern-matching, and enjoy casual arting.

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I have traveled a fair amount in my life (perk of being a graduate student :wink:) and I decided to start documenting, because it reminds of the stories involved.